Anodized offset Sweepy adapter?

show/link us the picture

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I can’t remember where I came across the photo. I’ve been looking around but haven’t run into it again.

Found it


Not anodized, 3D printed.

We have a list of adapters at:

Just what I was looking for…thank you!

That’s my adapter. :slight_smile: Is just really a really shiney 3D print like @WillAdams said. :slight_smile:


Any chance you have one laying around? :grin:

I don’t. All of my 3D printers have been neglected lately. :smiley:

Bummer…I will start working on a CAD file for our 3D printers here at work…I need the practice. :grin:

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They don’t accept stl?


They should be able to with Autodesk Inventor.

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I designed it in F360, so I can send a STEP or Autodesk file if you need.

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Inventor will export an STL anyway. Just use @SLCJedi’s STL.

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This may be just the “reason” I need to buy a 3D printer. Lol


The 3D printer humming on the left of my desk says you should, it’s super useful.

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Or see:

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The 3D printer humming on the left of my desk says you should, it’s super useful.<

Any model or size suggestions?

I have the Prusa i3 mk3s and absolutely love it, and I hear many here bought an Ender.
We had a thread sometime ago that pretty much covers all the options:

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My two cents on the subject:

If you want a printer that “just prints”, I highly recommend a Prusa Mk3s+ kit that you assemble yourself in a few hours. They are ~$800 after shipping. It is the more expensive of the two.

If you are a bit thin on cash, but you want a printer with a similar print volume, and you don’t mind fidgeting with it and upgrading it here and there to get it to print better, then the Creality Ender 3 is where you want to be. It is ~$250 plus a bit more in upgrades and your time to get it dialed in.

I am heavily biased towards the Prusa. I have owned 4 of them and have two now (i3 Mk2s models) and I love that with them, I can hit print and walk away and know that it will print just fine. The bed levels (after setting the initial zero when assembling it) and the removable print surface is great. The quiet stepper motor drivers mean they run silent. Just fantastic. I could go on. . .


I have (but am loaning the Mk3), to a friend and also have the prusa mini. Both are pretty solid and work great “out of box”. Haven’t needed to tinker with it too much.

Though the printer is named Funny, It Worked Last Time mostly because I like the culture ship names, and also because I had a string of one print would work, then the same print failed a bit later.