Another clamping idea

Playing with additional clamping ideas. Borrowed these from my drill press. Need to also source some shorter arms.

Nice! Try turning them around and put a block underneath the other side?

Rockler clamps?

Derek at high tech systems - the bed replacement - is adding clamps to his accessories. They are rocker clamps that should allow for up to 6.5 x 6.5 inch grab… and maybe a bit more.

These are on an 8"x11" spoil, so I will turn this around and the clamps will hang off the right in the unmillable area.

Also looking at custom renshape jaws to do the actual holding.

The tool length sensor needs to be safely clear - doesn’t look like one can go wide very much.

In the opposite direction there looks like plenty of space to extend things.

How close is the 11" to front and/or back a full extension?


Looks great! Keep the ideas coming :smile:

YES! The bed replacement and kits are available for for purchase:

Nomad Plate Only
Nomad Plate with Cam Set

The clamps will go up shortly.


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