Another Dust extractor post (Better Cheaper Option for HEPA)

I have been running a small shop vac for the last year. It works ok…ish. In other words most of the debris goes into my dust collector. But it misses a lot, both chips and ultra fine dust. Also it’s loud.

So, I read all of the threads both here and scattered around the web. I watched videos and read reviews. I was Getting ready to pull the trigger on either a Fein or a Festool. Then I stumbled across the Flex-444251

It stacks up pound for pound with both of the big name brands. But not only does it come in cheaper with the other HEPA rated DEs, it comes standard with an anti-static hose and the HEPA filters are $30USD less. And the Fleece bag is also standard, rather than an upgrade. at $499USD it’s not exactly cheap. But with all the bells and whistles, it’s still over $100USD less. And who needs “SYSTAINER”(that word is really dumb) for something that is going to live on your router enclosure? The only add on I will need is the $17 36mm anti-static adapter to fit in my sweepy 2.0, if it ever gets here.