Another going away gift, 24hr Delivery

I had a very condensed timeline for a last minute going away plague at my place of work. I work during the day, garage by night. Got this completed super quick. Slowly saving up for the HDZ spindle!! One step closer…


That is beautiful. Great work after a long day

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I used to work for Eastman Kodak in Houston. We had an office with several hundred people. Kodak was an old school company with generations of family working for them. We had lots of birthday, anniversaries, and retirements. So we had lots of parties.

Now a days you asked to turn off the lights on your way out. I miss the fun we had at various celebrations. Great that you celebrate people.

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Looks like an impressively clean cut - well done!

Would you be willing to share a little about the bits, feeds and speeds you used?

That is absolutely amazing. I’m not there yet with my CnC. I’m like you as I work during the day and try to get my woodwork done at night. Still learning every day. But that is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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