Another newb, Hello World slight issues

Set screws were aligned with the flat spot and tight. I did go around and tighten all the motor screws and any others that were loose. I am suspecting the wasteboard has a bit to do with it also. The middle is more flexible than the edges and my 2nd piece of plywood was warped as well so i removed it for another round of testing trying different areas on the board.

prior to removing the 2nd piece of board i tried the Front left area. I had both ghost writing and marker almost breaking. I think i made a few errors during this test so inconclusive results, moved on.

Middle-Rear Left - Original wasteboard only, this test shows that as getting toward the middle the marking is lighter. This makes me think wasteboard middle area could be issue.

Rear Right - Well i got it too close to the rear and when finishing the program it hit the step switch a few times so this result is not conclusive but you can see that the left side is lighter than the right suggesting toward the middle of the bard there is difference in height.

As you can imagine this is frustrating and made me wonder if ordering the XXL was a good idea due to wasteboard flex. Suggestions on solidifying this up? I have the adjustable feet on now as it is in the garage and floor slope is an issue.


Add a spoilboard, tram it, and try again?

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Is the sharpie slipping in your zip tie holder?

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No, the end of the sharpie is against the mount, it cannot move up.

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Will i was thinking of the tramming thing but do not have the gauges for it and just now researching proper procedure for it. I believe i will get a better quality 2nd wasteboard first then check on this trimming. I hadn’t searched for anything on it yet so it could already be written out on this board.

thanks everyone for the input.

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There’s a bit on it here:

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I had same problem, the CBeam was slightly bent,that held router. youd wonder how the hell it got bent,so just had to go with it

Will looking at software defaults, i have line 14 missing also, the rest is as per your link for default settings. Is this important?

Interesting, $14 isn’t mentioned at the main site either:

In the image on nothing is shown for $14 either.

Auto start is a setting which controls whether the system needs confirmation of starting up or no — it arguably doesn’t make sense without a button on the feed / hold pin or some such, so I suspect support for it has been moved to compile time option so as to gain space for other features. @chamnit would know for sure, or you could check the code. Back when it was present there were a couple of instances of it getting switched off which was a nuisance to debug, hence my conclusion.

The $14 auto start setting was removed a long time ago. It was making the state machine code really difficult and not very many users disabled it. In fact, no one mentioned anything when I removed it and made auto start permanently enabled. There is no way to disable it now nor any reason to do so.

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