Another quickie: Start Depth and Max Depth

Nope, not the Start twins, just a question about depths…

If the start depth (S) of a pocket is 3mm below the top of the stock, should the maximum depth of cut (D) be measured from the top of the stock?

For example, I want to cut a 3mm deep pocket for a small spanner (wrench) into a 3mm deep pocket for a larger spanner. If the start depth is 3mm below the stock top, would the maximum depth of cut be 6mm or 3mm, please?

Thank you

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Actually I had to double-check to refresh my memory, but CC conveniently has a little diagram showing where “max depth” is referenced against (stock surface):


So in your case, yes you would do a first pocket at start depth 0, max depth 3mm, and an inner pocket at start depth 3mm, max depth 6mm

Below is my example to illustrate with two pockets in a 10mm thick stock: first toolpath is S=0, D=5mm, second toolpath is S=5mm, D=9mm


Thanks, @Julien, I saw that convenient diagram too, but I just needed confirmation - which you did admirably!

Of course, I probably should have done exactly what you did and check it with the simulator! Sorry :roll_eyes:

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No problem at all. Actually, I had a doubt for a moment, because I also use Vectric VCarve, which uses a different definition, it takes start depth and pocket depth from that start depth:


so I need to remember that whenever I’m switching from CC to VCarve.

Happy cutting

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Yeah, I’m looking at VCarve too, but it’s a little early for me to get involved in that application - I’m still getting to grips with CC!

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Absolutely. It took me a year or so to outgrow CC, and using it was the absolute best way to learn CAM for someone like me with zero CNC experience at the time. These days I will use CC or VCarve or Fusion360 depending on the job at hand, and they complement each other wonderfully.

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