Another trip to the mothership

Last Friday, I had a chance to stop over at Nomad HQ. They were nice enough to share their lunch with me (tasty Thai food) and I brought desert (Popsicles!!)

. They were in the midst of rearranging the shop to move more production in-house so there was not a lot of “building” gong on. It is interesting to see how they have made changes between each visit and removed chaos from the process. . I took a “groupie” to prove I was there.


Awesome! My wife is from San Diego and next time we’re in CA, I’m definitely going to be stopping by (assuming it’s okay to come and visit!) :smile:

Good times Mark- And I would like to add; You brought Popsicles with Jokes on the Sticks, The Best Kind of Popsicles!

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