(Answered) Extreme newbie I do not even know words to use to search problem measuring

My neighbor and friend built a homemeade CNC so I never needed one, sadly he passed away suddenly.
His CNC went to a relative so I have purchased a Shapeoko XL and I have watched every tutorial by Carbide Create as well as all of them on Youtube several times. I am trying my first object build. I fly RC planes and this will be an engine mount. I watched my friend design it in the software he had and it was simple.I have replicated it in CC but something simple that he used on his software was what I cannot figure out how to do. The four holes need to be exact distances apart how can I “select, highlight or chose” the center of two holes and “see or display or type” the numbers to space the two holes. Example they need to be 40mm apart. Thanks for any help. Joe



doesn’t help, let us know and we’ll work up a specific tutorial for this.

Thank you for the fast response. I have read this tutorial before. It is not what I am looking for. What I need to help design several things I will need, example a mounting tab a piece of wood with three holes spaced at exact dimensions. I need to select two holes and see the distance between them and type to adjust the distance.

Well I don’t know if I am more disappointed or frustrated with this program. I wish I would have started learning the CC program more before I bought my Shapeoko XL which is still in the unopened box.
I guess I have to research several other software programs to find one that is semi easy to program, then make sure its compatible with whatever program I have to use to run the Shapeoko.
I never dreamed a CAD program would be missing what seems to me to be a basic and simple option to measure dimensions, but I guess it could be hard to add the programming for it.

Hey Joe-

I don’t think we’re clear on what you are looking to do:

  1. Draw the part in the image and make sure that the hole spacing matches your 40mm specification?

  2. Load the image into CC and then try to pull dimensions from the image

  3. Load the image into CC and have it become a CAD model to be machined

Which are you trying to do? (Or is it a fourth option that I’m not getting.)

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I included in my post a picture of what I am trying to build in CC and cut out of wood. The picture is one my friend made on his CNC. I watched him design it and I can replicate everything in CC easily, except the holes. I can make the outside rectangle , I can do the inside rectangle cutout with inside fillets easy because in the design tab I can enter the width and height to get the correct size. I watched my friend on his software then add the two top hole and select them and a small box appeared on screen that indicated they where say 37.3mm apart all he did then was type 40 and the holes where moved to 40mm apart.

Hi Joe -

Sorry for the late entry into this thread! I’m going to make a screencast for you (just a short couple of minute video) showing you how I would re-create that part in Carbide Create. I think you’ll see (after watching someone go through the process) that it isn’t as daunting as it might seem.

In the meantime, if you would give me the dimensions for your part, that would help me re-make it more accurately. Outside, inside, hole spacing, and hole diameter please.


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Edward thank you. I finally had the ah-ha moment and got to where I am at by watching the videos by Meyers Woodshop. The outside dimensions are width=95mm or 3.75in height=85mm or 3.35in the two holes on the width axis are 80mm or 3.15in and 70mm or 2.75in apart vertically. I am attaching a template of the engine mounting dimensions. This spacer I am creating goes between the engine and the firewall to space the engine out for the prop to clear the cowl.
Again Thank you.GP123_Drilling-Template11-2.pdf (10.8 KB)
Hole diameter=5.5mm or 0.216in


Don’t give up mate!

The Shapeoko is an unbelievably powerful machine - and fantastic value. Like all good things, you might have to invest a bit more time - but you will get the hang of if and then be able to make some amazing things.

Let the folks in this forum teach you a few simple tricks - and you’ll be on your way. Most people here are glad to help out and teach you little things that will enable your projects to come to life.


3DGG I admit I hit a wall and am frustrated but I am stubborn enough to forge on. I realize many people on these forums are willing to share what they have learned and help. Edward Ford has offered to make a tutorial video for me. That is big in my opinion. I think it will help me get over this hurdle that has blocked me.

I think you’d find that your task would be trivial using Fusion 360.

Hi Joe - I think this will clarify some things :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any follow up questions.

Here is the carbide create file for reference.

motor-mount-example.c2d (7.3 KB)



Thank you Edward I will watch it now.

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Just watched the video it is the best explanation I have ever seen to a problem. That simplified everything I was having trouble with. I have several parts I need to make and almost all of them need the ability to accurately space mounting holes. Thank you again!
I have subscribed to your youtube page and I appreciate the effort you put into this.


That is Great news, I am glad it helped.

Welcome to the community let us know if you have any more questions!



For anyone wonder: I cleaned up this post to remove the sidetrack that we had before the question was fully understood. This should make it a little more clear for anyone landing here in the future.