Any Nomad owners in London, UK?

I would love to speak to someone who has been working with a Nomad for a while.

I think I may need a helping hand to set up and use the Nomad to its full potential and it could be fun to explore.

I could pay for time if needed and the projects could be fun. Just want to make sure it’s done right.

I live in Lancashire and could possibly help if you are using wood as a material

Thanks Tim, I would be using composite plastic or metal in most cases - interested in engraving mostly, but also cutting. What sort of things have you been working on in wood?

Hi Imogen,

I’ve been mostly working on my HMS Pandora project but had a few side projects mainly presents for my wedding (trinket boxes) and a cake topper.

Here is the ship project

I will take a picture of the trinket box when I get home