Any nomads for sale in UK/Europe

Hi all,

I’m hoping that someone is ready to let go of their nomad…cash ready and burning a hole in my pocket!

Thank you
Riki Stringer

I’m in the UK and just imported an N3. It was simple, Fedex sent me a VAT invoice while the shipment was in the air and by the time it landed at Stansted it was settled and passed through customs without any delay.


Hi mate, how much in total did you pay? I’ve tried to find out but it wasn’t clear and I only have a very tight budget so don’t want to order and find out I don’t have enough left to pay the import fees.

Fedex generated the VAT invoice as 20% of the goods value (so didn’t include 20% on the carriage costs) plus a £12 handling fee. There are blog posts about “dealing” with the £12 fee.

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I also bought my Nomad 3 directly from Carbide3d (I’m in Poland). No problems, the invoices were correct and precise and the whole thing went through customs quickly, even though FedEx is universally terrible over here (UPS and DHL are way better).

You do have to pay VAT when importing into the EU, which didn’t matter for me, because it was a business purchase. I think the duty was 75€ or so.

All in all, things went fine, so I’d suggest just getting your Nomad directly from Carbide3d.

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VAT=Value Added Tax, what value are they adding with a 20% tax?

I also imported mine. Shipping was ~$200 IIRC, which isn’t massive on an expensive machine like this and from what I’ve seen would be about the same if you imported it from elsewhere in Europe. The customs invoice IIRC was something like $20 + VAT (7.7% here).

In case this isn’t just a joke, it’s a tax on value that’s added. If a block of Aluminium falls from the sky and I turn it into a Nomad, which I sell for $2000, I’ve added $2000 of value. You can think of it as another way of taxing corporate profits.

Also, for people not familiar with VAT: if you are running a business, you don’t really care much about VAT. It’s the consumers that feel its impact. That’s why I said it didn’t matter for me

FedEx split a crate of red wine on my nomad pro when I got to the sorting deport lol. The box was damaged but the nomad was fine

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