Any thoughts? Vectric apparently missing VTransfer file

Hello any Vectric software users on a Mac. I am running Microsoft Windows 10 in a Parallels virtual machine. I have Vectric V Carve Pro on trial and wanted to carve some of the tutorial example files to understand the control mechanism better.

It appears that somehow the trial version I have downloaded is missing the VTransfer file it needs to save the GCode file. I have written to support but they do not work over the weekend and they may be busy or running with a skeleton staff so I am not sure how long it will take to get a fix for my issue.

Three possible answers present themselves:

  1. The VTransfer file is lurking somewhere within the trial software download. Because I know less than nothing about the Windows OS and would not even know where or how to look for the missing file, possibly some kind soul would indicate my next steps.

  2. Any user of Vectric software (possibly on a Mac) may know how I can point the software to the VTransfer file… if it exists within my virtual machine.

  3. Wait until support contact me and solve the problem that way.

Any and all answers much appreciated.

V transfer is Vectric’s built-in gcode steamer. It would be a replacement for Motion. It’s also pretty limited… Very much seems like an afterthought.
If you really want to use it, you may have to reinstall V-Carve… It’s an option when you install.

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Take a look at vetric site. I seem to remember trial versions do not let you save gcode. You can run thier free sample projects like paradise box and others.

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Thanks guy. The sample file toolpaths wont save. My understanding is the Vectric sample files are the only ones which will permit the generation and saving of the GCode. The problem is that the VTransfer file appears to be essential to that process. Vectric state that only the sample files can be saved (permitting the user to assess the machine control) but without the VTransfer file, I cannot save anything.

@jepho Did you see my response above?

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No, I missed it Neil. Thanks. I need to check the installation of the trial version. It did not offer me any options. Saving in the version is disabled but I understand that some approved samples can be saved. Having tried that, the software won’t save any toolpath without VTransfer. I get that I can use any post processor but the saving of the approved samples seems to require VTransfer.

I might be wrong but if i remember right with the trial you can genrate gcode but you can not run the file. In other words you can play with the files and learn to generate the tool paths but not carve anything.

OK. Thanks Wayne. This may be my fault not understanding how Windows software works. I will take another look at my processes. I can generate the toolpath but not drive the SO3 for the sample files.

I did the same thing and found i could not save the tool paths.

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I’m pretty sure you can export gcode from sample files. You shouldn’t need V-transfer at all.

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Yes, Wayne, I am beginning to question my own sanity. This lack of transfer ability may be the way in Vectric protect their software on trial… hence the unlimited trial period. On the other hand, I know I can draw a circle or a square and even add them together and specify a toolpath. What I am interested in understanding is how such software would fit into my workflow and methods and how it talks to my hardware. It ought to be trivial to put a software counter into the number of file saves permitted. Oh well… back to look at the software again.

Yes, understood. Thanks Neil. I got to the point demonstrated in the video presentation and I could not save the sample file. It was at that particular point the error was encountered and flagged up. The installation of the trial was predetermined for me at the download stage. I have assumed that the software was assembled in a manner that included all of the necessary files. I will go back and look at the export function for the sample files. Perhaps it is because I do not understand the Windows 10 interface/OS and I am doing the wrong thing. I believe that I had followed the methods laid out in the video presentation. I will have another go at this.

Hey Jeff,

The trial is pretty limited and does not really reflect what your workflow would be for a full license.

Hard facts are, when you have a license:

  • You don’t need VTransfer, ever
  • Your workflow will be identical to the one you are used to with Carbide Create, if you are a save-to-file sort of guy (ie: there’s no Send To Motion)

Thanks for that confirmation, Gerry. That is a relief. :+1: I find it beyond irritating that the trial does not permit some software counter limited realistic activity though. :roll_eyes:

I have my response from Vectric support - verbatim

"I expect that either the VTransfer software was not selected in the VCarve Pro installer (its not installed automatically if not selected in the installed).

However, given you are not running Windows OS I cannot say if it would actually run at all.
The Mac will be missing Windows Features needed to operate the VTransfer software and we never designed it to run in a Mac.

The installer for VTransfer will be in the main VCarve Pro installer folder, and can be manually installed from there if it was not automatically installed originally

*C:\Program Files\VCarve Pro 10.5*

However I cannot say if it would work as expected when used in a Mac, it might not be able to see a CNC machine or even load so you will need to test this with your setup."

I expect to spend a little time digging around in Windows 10. Providing I can save a file, then all should be well because I can just use another post processor.

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Agreed. Although the download site does say:

The free trial will let you use all functions within the software with the exception of saving the toolpaths and performing some ‘Export’ functions.

it can be a little limiting.

@jepho I use CM as the sender, VCarve Pro as the CAD-CAM with @neilferreri’s post-processor script.

Vectric support’s answer ‘its in a VM, try it without’ is a cop-out in my experience. Fusion and Parallels are immensely capable virtual environments.

If you are having problems with outputting GCODE during your trial, am happy to output the files for you on my system.


Yes, I read that but had expected that I could try to cut an approved and permitted example file. Oh well… more time needed. :grin:

The flow is the same as CC.

So yes, you choose a ShapeoOko post processor in VCarve the same way you do in CC. Then you export your files - either one toolpath for each tool, or since you have a BitSetter, a single .nc file with all tool paths combined.

If you make a design in VCarve, send the CRV file to me and I’ll send you back the .NC file.

(edit: Andy also made this offer whilst I was typing… so you have two batch processors for your CRV files :slight_smile: )