Anybody have SO3 Y Axis Rails they'd sell?

Hi folks,

If there’s anyone out there who has upgraded to an SO3 XL or XXL and has a pair of the standard 17" Y Axis rails they’ be interested in selling, please contact me, thanks!

I just upgraded to XXL. And I was just thinking I need to figure out what to do with the leftovers. I would prefer to sell all 3 rails and the base if possible.

I’m interested for the right price?

Hi Dustin, please email me, xeno (at) xenoweb (dot) com so we can discuss further. Thanks!


I’m also interested in an additional set of the regular length rails—anyone willing to part with a set please private message me next!

How do you private message someone on the forum? I’m not seeing any buttons, but I’m a newbie so maybe I haven’t reached the required trust level.


Hi Roger, are you interested in selling the 17" rails or buying some too?

Thank you.

I am interested in buying them for a new project.

I’m on the “buying” side, looking to pick up some additional extrusions to do a modification on my SO3.

@John to send private messages you click on someone’s profile image on any of their posts, and there’s a message button there on the pop-up.


Thanks for the info, Jonathan!