Anybody have the new Suckit Vacuum Boom?

Tired of always chasing my XXL with a handheld shop vac hose, I recently got the new “boom” arm from Suckit to use with my XXL. Have been looking forward to it very much, but now that I have it… For the life of me I can’t decide how best to install the dang thing! Anyone else with an XXL have advice or good examples of how they positioned it (or something similar) with their setup?

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Hey @SDS8238 not sure if you saw this but the product description shows that it is available on Thingiverse as well and there are a couple people on there that have pictures of how they are using the ones they made. If you are not familiar with Thingiverse just go to the link on the product page and in the lower left there will be a section for makes. I hope this helps some.

Here are the direct links actually:


I’m thinking I may need to “modify” the one I bought. Suckit’s official version they are selling has a much shorter section of tubing at the top end. The version you provided links to on Thingiverse are several inches longer and would seemingly make it much easier to position the boom arm in the appropriate place for the larger XXL machine. At least it sounds like a cheap fix (assuming I can actually find the right aluminum tubing). Thanks for the links!

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All that aside, it looks like the “back-right” corner might be best for my particular xxl setup. Need to get a longer vac hose also. :wink: Thanks again!


Sure thing. I am trying to figure out my vacuum setup as well. I ordered a Suckit boot last month so hopefully it ships soon. My problem is that I don’t have clearance on top because my enclosure is so short so I am going to have to rig up something from the side. we will see. I think I am going to make a boom.

Here was my solution. Works awesome, built on my CNC


Scrap wood, door hinge, flexible hose from Amazon.

It’s not pretty but it works perfectly. It was just to test the idea & I’ll redo it eventually.


Old school vac boom:



Okay, so after looking over things on Thingiverse and making a trip to Lowe’s I’ve finally got a great vacuum boom arm setup that works well with my XXL (and looks kinda snazzy). Cut new, longer sections of tubing from an $8 shower curtain rod (each section about 12" in length now). Got a new 12 ft. Shop-Vac hose permanently attached with zip ties, and mounted the boom arm in the back right corner of my table. Yay!

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I ended up doing something similar to the “old school” vac boom referenced by DanoInTx. Low cost pvc conduit, no glue, pivots x-y if needed, and is the perfect size for 2.5" vacuum hose.


No movable boom necessary, 2 1/2" Vacuum hose slips right over PVC central vacuum tube, I just wrap it with electricians tape.



Do you have a link for the hose? Question 2, do you use a dust seperator?

Got it at Lowe’s. Currently I have it hooked up to my rigid vacuum, but also have a HF dust collection system I could hook up to.

Shop Vac hose - 12ft

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Can’t seem to get links to work, Home Depot for hose $21.00 and Aliexpress for separator.

Jeff Would you be willing to share your design. I like it better than the boom.
Looks like it is just hanging from your ceiling.
Jeff Peters