Anyone got an idea who might have the aluminium replacement bed in stock or the Shapeoko Standard (I am in UK)?

Title says it all - seems to be out of stock everywhere - wondering if there might be the odd european or other store that has one lying around!

Failing that open to other ideas!


You could buy a big ol chunk of EcoCast tooling plate cut to size and drill it yourself?

Thanks for the idea but I wont have my workshop setup for a year or so so have no way to drill anything like that. Right now just working on building the Shapeoko and getting it running nicely - a cool project to spend doing over winter!


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If you’re just building, unless you have a really specific need for the Aluminium baseboard I might just wait and buy that later on.

If you need to get into heavy work on Aluminium with modular vices and stuff and you’ve got HDZ and spindle then yay, accessorise away, otherwise, I might wait.


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I have actually got the HDZ coming - just thought might be easier to do the base at the beginning rather than having to dismantle and rebuild later that’s all :slight_smile:



I might be a little biased but a fixture tooling plate can be a great investment for even a stock machine with Z plus and Makita.

The SMW plates are niiiiiiiice :wink::grin:

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There’s always the Saunders Machine Works stuff (like Vince says), it looks very good but the shipping and import might be expensive;

I’d put the machine together and get the hang of squaring, tramming etc. first. Pulling out the baseboard for the SMW one isn’t that monstrous a job for later and you’ll likely be better at squaring and tramming the machine then anyway.

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I am going to buy my own plate and drill and tap it for M6 threads. I see that one of the UK suppliers who is really set up for this custom cut sheeting is Aluminium Warehouse. pix

6082 T6 plate

Cast Tooling Plate

I entered the bed size (580 x 717.5) and the aluminium supply company state that there is a 2mm tolerance. I intend to use the attached drawing for my dimensions and fixing screw holes but the screw hole placement every 50mm and is M6 (to go with my gator clamps)

If I just remove all of the fixing holes, there is room for 143 drilled and tapped holes (13 x 11) 50mm apart.
I believe that all of the centre rows of holes (if the drawing is oriented horizontally) can be removed from the wasteboard drawing because the baseboard is unsupported on the standard SO3

I suspect that I will also leave one more row between the frame fixing screws, which are smaller than M6 in any event. I would also like to scribe lines at 50mm intervals so that the baseboard will act as a crude measuring stick.

Edit to add: I have just noticed that the tolerance is plus 2mm minus nothing… so that will help when ordering a specific size. There should be enough room on the SO3 baseframe to order dead on sizes and allow for an extra 2mm in each dimension


Just a note to say, be careful with Aluminium Warehouse, there are a few customer experiences with them related on the mycncuk forum, including one user who has changed their signature to be their comment on AW’s customer service.

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I’d be happy to help out a UK user. I always enjoy a aluminium project :slight_smile:

Just to mention I’d try to get hold of Mic 6 rather than cut sheet.


A timely note of caution. Thanks very much Liam. :+1: :grin:

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Cool. Thank you very much for that fine offer Luke. I would like to get some aluminium plate and see if you can find some time to machine it. Drill, counterbore and tap for the standard SO3 base frame and the M5 button heads (I am happy to pay the going rate for the work too) Drill and tap for M6 thread for the rest of the fixture tooling plate/baseboard.

Am I right in thinking that you are referring to 7000 series aluminium? T73 or T76 temper? I have not found many places selling that although I have noted a couple. Very flat plate with good tensile strength. I suspect the cast tooling plate on offer at Aluminium Warehouse is 6082 T6 at most. I can check with them in the morning.


You say you have no way to drill a blank plate but your building a machine that’s capable of drill for you.

You could always use a hand drill for the mounting boots then use the machine to drill/bore all your hold down holes. Bonus points if you use a thread mill to tap them. But you could always tap by hand or use the router to hold the tap and a wrench to turn it.

7000 series refers the the grade. 6061 would be fine, I think over in Europe we refer to it as tooling plates.

Just to set expectations if all goes to plan I’m moving the “UK office” :wink: in a couple of weeks so can’t make anything till mid December - assuming all goes to plan.

I do have various baseboard designs from the beaver days.


No problem, Luke, I was going to wait until the new year anyway. My error in thinking Mic 6 referred to 7000 series alloys. I am pretty sure that 6061 is easier to obtain than 7000 series alloys.

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