Anyone have a contact at Starrett?

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Found some typos on some of their CAD files for their jeweler’s screwdrivers:

B is 0.055" wide, but listed on CAD as 1/16" (0.0625")
C is 0.070" (but also listed on CAD as 1/16")

Also the 553A is listed as having a 0.100" blade width, but is given on the CAD as 5/32" (0.15625) — the same width as the 553B

Found them in the course of filling out:



Just use the contact link on the product page. I have never had an issue getting rapid and helpful response, including tracking down parts and information for very outdated versions of tools, and tools that were discontinued 50 or more years ago.

As a side note, many of their models have issues (PDF drawing, STEP, and PARASOLID). If I need proper dimensions for a dead match, I either measure the tool or contact for the proper dimension.

(for anyone interested, the included angle of the dovetail on the adjustable parallels 154A-F is 15 degrees, and many of the dimensions on various 436 micrometers have apparently been revised over the years multiple times-- I have none in my stable that actually match the current CAD model, and my stable is entirely too large, ranging in vintage from pre-1900 to 2010)

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Thanks! I did that. Guess in the meanwhile I’ll have to get a set and measure them myself.



Also note that most of the drawings give tolerance of +/- 1/64" (0.016"… 0.4mm) and are dimensioned using Imperial fractional measure. The dimensions in the STEP model are often, but not always, better, but you need to import into a CAD tool and sometimes get creative to measure.

If I were to make a guess, this is no accident. They are protecting their IP by giving good enough models and drawings to determine if the tool is suitable for use, but no better. For example, the STEP model for the aforementioned 436 micrometer is not suitable to use making a case for any of the ones I have, but is more than suitable to determine with high probability if the tool will clear a fixture to make an in-production measurement.


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The problem is, the dimensions are just wrong — one can’t even determine which screwdriver is what size, and they don’t provide the tip width for most of them.


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Starrett got in touch and noted that they had the dimensions wrong and will be fixing them.