Anyone know where to buy the V-wheels for S3?

One of our V-wheels cracked in half. Odd… But now we can’t use the machine!

I can’t seem to find the part for sale on the site, or anywhere that matches it. All the ones I see are 25mm and these are 23.5mm.

Can you help @ApolloCrowe or @wmoy >?

Please contact for warranty parts.

Sources for parts, as well as CAD and other details are listed on the wiki at:

I bought mine from here -

They also sell just the wheels if your bearings are still good.

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The Openbuilds wheel tires are wider and may interfere with the belt clips I ended up modifying my belt clips to clear the tire.

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Bummer, same here! Which V-wheel cracked? I’m asking because one of my Z-axis rails was damaged somewhere along the way, and eventually wore out one of the Z-axis wheels (I only used it about 5 times). The high amount of torque from my spindle applied to the X-axis wheel as well, which then cracked that too. Make sure to check all your wheels in case something offset another!

As for contacting Carbide 3D Support, they replied fast and they said they’ll send me a replacement, but I can’t get a follow up for the life of me. I emailed almost daily as well as leave a voicemail, but I guess they’re busy with people taking holiday vacations? /shrugs. Would really like my replacement part to come in before I have ample time by myself for the holidays.

Please accept our apologies for the slowness of our response. You are correct that we are a bit behind due to vacations, as well as the Black Friday sale being more successful than anticipated. On the bright side, we seem to be on schedule to catch up with everything by the end of the week (barring difficulties).

Thank you for your patience, we now return you to your regularly scheduled community forum.

I realize it might not be cost effective for the carbide guys to do so, but I’d happily buy spares and parts from then rather than someone else if they would offer them.

A reasonable compromise would be for Sparkfun to do this (sell spare parts).

When I accidentally snapped mine in half, I bought a replacement from Maker Farm.

I actually picked up a few, because I wasn’t sure it’d be exactly the same size and I wanted to be able to replace both wheels if it wasn’t. Ended up working perfectly, so now I have some spares.

This one on your link is the exact one needed for the SO3? I want to buy spares as well. Thanks for your time.

There is now a maintenance kit available from Carbide 3D:

The community maintains a list of Parts and notes about them, and (some) sources at: