Anyone recognize this screw?

After cutting some stuff yesterday i gound this tiny set screw on my wasteboard. Anyone have any idea where it came from. Im nervous to cut anything until i find out where it belongs. Thanks

I should add that all the pulleys on all 4 motors have both of their set screws but it looks like the same size as those ones

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I know the pulley behind the Z plate has a screw in the middle, holding it on.
I dont know if it has a set screw too.
The only place I can think of right now.


Thanks for the suggestion, i took a look but i cant see anywhere the set screw would go. I can confirm that its a 1.5 though, just not sure where 1.5 set screws are used apart from motor pulleys

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The set screws are also used in the pulley in the Z-axis assembly — they’re not needed there, since the static pulley is held in place by its bolt.

There was at least one report of a set screw falling out of a Dewalt, though I think that dated back to the days when the machine was a kit w/ loose parts everywhere, and I’ve always suspected it fell in from there and stuck to a magnet.

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I had that screw fall out on mine as well. Worth a check to see if it’s missing from there :wink:

Thanks for the tips, will look onto it tomorrow.