Anyone using a Nomad 3 for jewelry in the Bay Area?

Hi, I’m considering buying a Nomad 3 for jewelry creation and was hoping to see one demonstrated, or have some parts cut on it, before purchasing. I asked Carbide3D themselves, but they said they do not create sample parts.

If anyone is in/near the Bay Area and would be open to creating some sample parts for me that would be great. I am happy to supply material and pay for the parts as well, that’s no problem. I’m specifically interested in the level of detail that the machine can offer. And if I could see the machine in action, that would be even better!



In case nobody responds, the official YouTube channel has a couple of videos:

If you can give more details on what you’re trying to create, some of us can probably provide general advice as well.


I’m on the other coast but I use my for jewelry. If you can send a . STL or CAD I’ll take a look.


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