Anyone w/ leftover parts from XL/XXL upgrade?

I’m in the market for a right-side gantry plate (mine if bent and I don’t mind trying to bend it flat but I sure would prefer one that is just flat from the start), and my X-axis extrusion is gouged from the steel pulleys likely riding too low (and has some scarring from the previous owner jamming the X-axis and basically messing everything up).

Anyone have any parts they want to convert to cash?

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Just going to bump this in case anyone missed it the first time, I thought they’d reply later but forgot. Still looking for parts.

I upgraded from SO3 to an XXL. Message me to discuss.

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You might want to check on the maintenance kit. It has spare v wheels, belts, and pulleys.
Tho, I don’t know why you have to buy extra pulleys with it.
I don’t believe you’re going to strip the teeth off them LOL.
You might loose one or strip the set screw, I guess.

Dustin: Message sent.

Jerry: I do have the maintenance kit, but I need some parts that are not found therein.