Anyone want to help me design this?

I am going to display some flags I make at a local craft show on a 6’ or 8’ table. I’d like to “stack” two flags together, a 28" wide flag and a 20" wide flag. I’m having a hard time designing it and want to just carve something on the machine to make it easy. I can’t really explain myself very well, so here are some pics.

Any thoughts on something I could make similar to the display shown, but that would hold two signs?


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If you draw things up in profile it should be pretty straight-forward.

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I came up with this (it has tabs) - four cutouts, two per flag set.

It think it will allow me to stagger the flags one above the other. The bottom notch is going to be for a piece of wood supporting the two cutouts.



you might want to make the vertical lines slightly sloped so that the flags can “lean back” a little bit… to avoid them falling forward too easily…
doesn’t need MUCH of a slope for gravity to help you there but zero feels a bit risky


Ah, ok, gotcha. Makes sense.

Perhaps I should design a few different variables and cut them at the same time to see what works instead of assume it works and cutting several that ultimately don’t.

As an old printer once told me,

You’re a dummy if you don’t make a dummy.

(In this case, a “dummy” is a folded up set of signatures to verify the thickness of a book (or magazine) block for binding)

I go through a lot of cardboard cutting quick prototypes to verify dimensions and proportions and angles — helps a lot — then a quick sample in MDF or some other inexpensive material before committing w/ the actual stock.

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