Apology for the Eat and Run

To those who have supported me;
Growing up I was always taught to ensure you always offer time, grace, and appreciation to those that take care of you. Well, I have not been around in a while to appreciate all whose have helped me get my Shapeoko rehabilitated as I have had some unfortunate circumstances to manage as this year has progressed and for that I apologize.

The most recent and most painful of situations being the passing of my brother Christopher at 49 just over a month ago. With that said I just wanted to say that when I came into my Shapeoko at the beginning of the year I was truly ecstatic that I was able to rehab this amazing machine and the friendly support I received from this forum and Carbide 3D. You immediately made me feel like family and I have missed being here.

My “gusto” for doing much more than a reduced work week has become numbed by the difficulties I have experienced. I respect and hold you in the highest regard for helping me and apologize for eating up all of the goodness and decency you all have purveyed, and running without demonstrating any progress made by your kind and generous gestures.

With that said, I will share a few projects that were completed, as my 16 year old son Michael has also taken interest in the Shapeoko. Since my absence, I will need to study the recent changes to the software and see how much has changed, so I can get back to working with this amazing machine.

Getting back into it.


I am sorry to hear of your loss Anthony, I lost my closest friend 2 years today and that threw me into a total spin. I don’t for a minute think that is on the same level as losing a brother, but I can relate. My sincere condolences.

When the time is right, I can recommend spending time on your shapeoko or any or other productive hobbies. For me personally I lost all interest in it, but after some time it helped me immensely to get back into the hobby.

Good luck, always here if you need to chat - whether its shapeoko based or the shitty time you’re going through


Kindness and generosity are in abundance around here, that much, I’ve learned; there is no need to apologize for anything, Anthony!


Thanks Guys- I just wanted to ensure that I demonstrated my respect and appreciation. And you are right, these are good people here, some of the best!

Thanks again-