Are there Jogging stops? Help!

I’m pretty new to the shapeoko. I have it all set up and have cut things on it before. An odd thing is happening and I need help…

I get the computer and machine all set up. The cutter may start and the front left corner and home all the way to the back right corner as usual. However, when I go to jog to the probe my work piece, the machine will only let me go to basically the middle of the table (x: 410; y: 420 from the back right corner).

There is nothing impeding the movement because I can very gently move it to the front let corner.

What am I missing?

You did not say what machine you have but in Carbide Motion you send the machine configuration. After you send the configuration the menu always says it is Shapeoko 3. This is not a problem and the configuration you send is sent once and menu does not reflect what you sent. When you set the configuration it is held in a Non-Volitle RAM and is persistent.

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Sorry. I have the Shapeoko3 XXL. Using rapid positions I can see that it thinks the area is smaller than it really is. When I tell it to go to “SW” it stays kind of in the middle where I can no longer jog past.

I got it figured out. Thanks! I had to redownload motion b/c it was not letting me open settings for some reason. Once I did I saw they switched my size settings.


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