Are there some fonts that just wont work?

Are there some fonts that just don’t work?
I’ve just set up my longmill mk2 and am very new to the CNC world.
I put together a simple sign and can’t get some of the lines to show up.

Using CC v6, gSender and a 1/4" 60deg bit
Setting Z zero to top of stock and confirmed it the same in CC6

After the first cut, I adjusted the depth of the cut from .125 to .250 and ran it again. The cuts were deeper as expected, but it still refuses to cut some of the lines. Everything looks OK in simulation mode.

Is there a setting I’m missing or are there just some fonts that don’t translate well?
In my case there are 2 different fonts and an image of books that only partially gets carved.

Fonts which have a large variation between thick and thin are more challenging to V carve.

V carving in general is very sensitive to the stock being flat, and of consistent thickness, and the origin being set accurately relative to it.

Start by tramming the MDF filler strips to ensure that when clamped down on it, stock will be in the same plane as the motion of the machine.

Ensure that the stock is of even thickness, and that when clamped it does not bulge up, or be pushed down and warped.

Using a more acute V tool will help, since it will act to minimize variation in width from height discrepancies — if taken past a certain point it will require using Advanced V carving though.

If you continue to have difficulties, post the .c2d file here or to and we will do our best to assist — include full details on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it and managing all tool changes, and a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine.

Looking at your picture I think your board is not even across the width. You might try surfacing the board with your cnc before carving. Vcarving is very sensitive to height differences on the surface of the material. If some of your carving does not come out you could simply reset your zero a few thousands lower and rerun the job with your same X Y coordinates. Another issue in CC is if you limit your carving depth on simple vcarve. You should always bottom of material for a simple vcarve. A vcarve simply tries to go down the middle of a line and touch both sides of the character. You can do an advanced vcarve and that simply goes around the outside of the letters. Even if the character is too small for an endmill it just wont be called and only the vee bit will be called. With advanced vcarve you can limit depth better than a simple vcarve.

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