Array Layer Blowouts

It would seem that when creating arrays of somewhat complex, nested components and multiple layers with multiple tool changes there is a kind of layer panic that happens and objects/vectors get dumped to random layer/s.

The fix that worked for me was to add the items to the layer to which a tool path is associated to clear things up.

Would be great to be able to force a tool to do all its work on each group within an array in order to avoid jumping between the array.

Do you have a step-by-step set of instructions for causing this problem?

Ideally with a file, which when opened has one layer state, but when some thing is done in it, develops this problem.

I could not provide the actual file because of proprietary issues but essentially:

  • 10 concentric rings of different vectors
  • 7 layers grouping some vectors
  • 9 tool paths - one pocket, the rest profiles
  • 4 tool changes

All these create one “unit” for a product.

When the array is created, it does not respect the layers to which the vectors are assigned during the duplication. So manual reassignment is necessary.

Is it possible to group a set of tool paths so that the machine finishes those within that unit/tooling before rapiding over to the next unit to do its work with the same tool on the next unit?

Thank you for your response and time.


New objects should be created on the currently Active layer, and when you’re duplicating there is a control for this:

and when pasting they go to the currently Active layer:

Toolpaths are executed in order from top-to-bottom.

Send the file in to if it’s confidential

For my life, I cannot find the Duplicate screen you have shown.

This is happening when using the Array tool.


Duplicate is CTRL-D (or CMD-D)

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This doesn’t appear to do anything. Checked or unchecked it creates duplicates on the active layer.

The Group & Toolpath checkboxes do seem to work as expected.

It seems that CC will create any new objects in the Active Layer…period. So whether you’re duplicating or creating arrays, etc. everything will be produced in the active layer regardless of their current layer.

If you’re assigning toolpaths by layer, then every new object will get the toolpath of the active layer
For example: Given this layer setup…each object is in its own layer

If we set different toolpaths by layer (in this case, the layer with the square gets Contour; the layer with the circle gets pocket, and the layer with the triangle gets texture

With one layer active (in this case, the layer with the triangle), if you create an array, duplicate, or copy/paste, the new objects end up in the active layer and all the objects inherit the Texture toolpath of that layer

However - if you assign the toolpaths by object, and then create an Array, Copy / Paste or Duplicate, the toolpaths remain with the objects, regardless of layer (although all three new objects do still end up in the active layer)

So, I think you can do what you want with the assignment of the toolpaths by Vector, rather than by layer (@WillAdams ANOTHER reason I don’t want to use assignment by layer, BTW).

  • Gary

And…just confirming: There does seem to be a defect in that the “Duplicate To Current Layer” checkbox does not have any effect. It’s going to duplicate to the ACTIVE layer, regardless of the checkbox state.

Secret hot key rather than UI!?

Thank you!

This was a very helpful illustration. Thank you!

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