Assembling an XL mirrored left/right?

First post!

Started assembling my new XL last night and intentionally mirrored the left/right assembly, I wanted the control box on the right side since that will be where power and the computer will be. Obviously I will need to do a lot of things backwards but any issues aside from mirroring all of the assembly directions?

I would think many of the threaded holes would be either missing or on the wrong side of hardware if you mirrored everything - such as for mounting hardware e.g. brackets/board enclosure/ sensors/ cable tracks etc. I could be wrong but if you plan on tapping new holes yourself I would be concerned with the proper alignment as well…can you just use a long surge protector (or extension cord) to keep power and computer on default side and save the headache?

I ran into a defective belt clip so my assembly slowed down, so far I had no problem with assembling with everything including the drag chains, most pieces have symmetrical holes. I’m quite worried about the homing switches though, if I decide to finish the assembly mirrored I will report back.

Homing direction is a thing in Grbl (determined at compile time, or set by a preference?)

There is long tradition and some safety aspects with having the back right upper corner set as the machine origin — would recommend at least keeping that the same.

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