Assembling my XXL

So I am assembling my XXL and I have to say that building the base is the worst part so far, getting 18 holes in 7 pieces of material to all line up perfect at the same time is near impossible (and I have put mechanical device together since age 5 (now 55) and have assembled industrial machines for most of my life) I finally had to drill out 2 of the holes on one edge of the wood and bar that supports it to get the last 2 screws to go in.

This should have been a 45 minute or less job and took me over 2 hours. And yes, I kept all the screws loose until I had them all started, but no amount of wiggling or sliding around would align those last 2 screws enough to get them started. Also had problems with about 6 others but was finally able to get them in.

I love Carbide 3D but this base was a poor design. I would have had it so the cross member bolt to the ends and then bolt the wood down. Or they could have had alignment pins on the cross members to perfectly align them then youwould only have to play with aligning the wood.

But I got passed that and thankfully the rest is going smoother than hot butter on ice. Got to the point of putting the belts on and quit for the night.


I just finished assembly of mine. Hint don’t tighten anything until the very last as states in instructions. Also on the belts they need to be tight guitar string tight. Once all assembled take a measurement from the bottom of your rails to the top of your waste board. Get the same measurement the best you can.

What I learned is this.

  1. Have a flat wasteboard or you will have problems. To do over the first thing I would do is run a flatting program on my waste board.
  2. Get a dust boot
  3. View as many videos as you can find about using carbide Create and carbide motion
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Yea I did not tighten anything until it was done. Belts are tight. Trying to buy a Suckit dust boot but still out of stock.

Luckily I already use Carbide Create as I also have a Nomad CNC so very familiar with it.

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Knowing cc good for you wish I had knowledge of it. I’m new to all this I’m making clamps, threaded waste board. All from programs that bill Myers has written. Plane in a few days I to try something simple.

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