Assuming it's OK to talk about CCv5 Beta here

Erm, I’m not sure if it’s me doing something wrong - again - but I’ve designed a tool drawer in CC Beta and decided to add dog bones to the tool ‘trays’. But I can only edit some of the vectors, which is puzzling me a bit.

This is a screenshot of the one I was able to apply the dog bone:

But when I select the other vector, the ‘parameters’ area is missing:

Also, from within the ‘Transform’ area, making changes and clicking ‘Apply’ doesn’t always work, i.e. no changes are made.

I’ve attached the file, if someone would take a look, please?

I’ve noticed this previously but deleted the vector and redrew it, thinking I’d made a mistake before, but I’ve drawn all these vectors in the same way, this time.

This file is the second version of my design, which was “Saved as…” from the original, but both files originated from v5 of CC.

Thank you.

Small Drawer Tray for v5.c2d (163.2 KB)

The second shape is no longer a rectangle object. Boolean operations will cause things to no longer be a rectangle object, even if the shape remains a rectangle.

Please see:

which discusses this sort of thing.


Ooh, I do so love science!

I don’t recall doing anything other than resizing it, but there you go :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks, @WillAdams

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