Assy Issue-Z carriage to X carriage v-wheels

So two months after purchase I finally have time to setup the machine, on a Friday night :(.

Packaging instructions are great so far. I’m currently trying to mount the z-carriage to the x-carriage. The instructions state the v-wheels should slide on the v-rails evenly and smoothly. That isn’t the case for me. If I push fairly hard they will slide up at an angle. I pushed a little harder and they squared up but the remaining two v-wheels don’t want to slide up and I don’t want to break them. If I slide the two on the rails their tendency is to misalign, like they’re binding.

Should I try loosening the v-rails or loosening the eccentric nuts on the v-wheels?


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Maybe both,try adjusting the nuts first and if you get the same results do the same for the rails

You may already know this, if so I apologize in advance. The nuts that hold the V wheels in place are eccentric, meaning as you turn the nuts (clockwise only) they change the spacing of the wheels. This is only on the V wheels on the left hand side of the Z carriage though, the two opposite (right hand) are in a fixed position.

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Agree w/ @DanoInTx — loosen the V-wheel eccentrics, hopefully that will allow things to roll on smoothly — if that doesn’t work, then as @orlrobinson noted, you would need to loosen the V-rails and see if there’s any adjustment to be had there (hopefully it won’t come to that — if it does, please let us know at

Says my wife…never…

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Thanks everyone, little adjustment of the eccentrics and all good.

*Note for instructions revision…might be good to test this fitment prior to router mount installation. The lower v-wheel eccentric can’t be adjusted with included 8mm wrench. I had one with a smaller head and it worked fine but would probably of had to remove if limited to included wrench.

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