Atomic Spinner Video and Design Files

Inspired by the Atom, introducing the Atomic Spinner:

Cutting this part is similar to most 2 sided jobs, with 1 additional step:

After cutting the Side A design into the .5" thick material, I used Carbide Create to make the hole pattern.
I kept the holes separate because I wanted to be able to modify them alone just in case.

And It was a good thing- while the HDPE Version was a perfect fit, for the Central Bearing (22.04mm) - The Hardwood version would not allow the Bearing to press in, so I opened the I.D. up an additional .002" in Carbide Create and ran a single full depth “Reaming pass” which was perfect.

Heres a link to ALL the files you will need to make one in all the various forms:
Ive included Just the Gcode if you just want to run the files.

The Meshcam Files are included and the Toolpath settings for Hardwood and HDPE Plastic

STL File is in there as well.

3"x 4"x .5" stock

.125 Ball mill

Bells and Whistles:
Ceramic 608 bearing.
12x 1/4 Brass Balls 6/32 threaded
2x 10mm Steel Balls m4 threaded

Threaded Pipe Plugs:

(12x) 6/32 (thread) x 5/16ths length Mcmaster part number: 92311A145

(1x) M4x 0.7 (thread) x 12mm length Mcmaster part number 92015A115

Have Fun, let me know if you have any questions.