Attempting Basket Weaves on my 5 Pro


Wanted to touch base with you on the tool endmill names. You are correct on say the 1/4 endmill, but when trying to explain tooling with all of us CNC enthusiast, its better to go into a bit more of the tooling names. The 1/4 inch endmill you referenced to was a 1/4 inch flat bottom upcut endmill. The other endmill was an 1/8 inch ball nose endmill straight flute, not to be mistaken for a tapered flute.

As for the vacuum table, that is a good idea, but there is another idea that could work. It might take a bit more work but once the first piece is cut then you just have to use it until the piece is worn out, which should last a long time. Take a 1/4 to 3/8 inch think piece of plywood and cut it larger then your pieces you plan to run. If you plan ahead for future cuts, you could make this piece work for many projects.

When the piece is larger then your project, take it and brad nail the holder piece to the bottom of your project with nails just long enough to go about 1/4 to 5/16 of an inch into your project piece. You have to keep in mind the thickness of you project piece. But nailing around 15 brad nails through the holder piece and into your project should be enough to hold the project piece to the holder board. Then you can put clamps on the holder piece, this way both pieces will not move while the project is running.

Then remove both pieces and separate. Find how many brad nails would work for you in holding down your project properly but yet will allow you to remove them from each other without damaging your project. This is just an idea.

Thanks for the reply, I will remember to go into more detail with the tooling names going forward. I appreciate your thoughts on clamping but unfortunately for what I intend to make having 10 or so brad nail holes on the backside of a cabinet door is not going to look good. I thought about using crazy glue and also double stick tape but they just aren’t reliable enough. I am also considering the Tiger Claw clamps from Carbide 3D but since I have a vacuum bag for veneering I think the best solution is the vacuum clamp kit from Rockler. I bought 2 sets and I can move them around to fit any size project.