Auditioning Carbide 3D - Capability Questions

Hi there, I’m trying out some software, and trying to see if things have the basic functionality I need. Easel was a bust because I can’t control tool path order automatically. Carbide seems much better in that regard, but - when I import SVG’s I get no dimension information about them, nor am I able to scale them at all. I’m designing flat parts in Illustrator, since I don’t think Carbide can create the more complex shapes I want easily. Importing vectors into Carbide will be a basic aspect of my workflow, but if I can’t see and edit the dimensions of an imported part, that is a deal breaker. Am I missing something fundamental here? I click on an imported SVG, but there is no pop-up for dimensions (like when you natively build a shape in Carbide) and the SVG has no handles that I can drag to resize. I’m noticing that an imported SVG is not coming in at the correct size, too. Even more fundamentally, I don’t get any location information either - like where it is positioned on the work space. I can’t imagine this functionality doesn’t exist, so hopefully there is something obvious I’m missing just like a newbie : )

Thanks for the help!

Best, Peter

For sizing, select the item, then hit the ‘Scale’ button on the left.

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LOL - thanks Mike, there is the menu I assumed would be there. Man, wish there was a way to pull out those menus and have them be open always - I’m too used to Illustrator.

Is there any reason you might suggest that SVG’s are not importing at full size?

If you select an object and choose “Move” you will get positioning information:

If you select an object and choose “Scale” you will get resizing handles:

To get the desired size in CC you will need to export from Adobe Illustrator so that the file is set to 96dpi — how this is done changes w/ version — unchecking the “Responsive” checkbox is necessary in some versions.

Thanks Will - yes, I found that you have to click those icons to the left. I’m so used to being able to have open panels with info at my fingers tips in Illustrator and InDesign, and the parameters window opens automatically when you create a shape natively, I thought that functionality was not there for imports. Glad I was wrong. Unchecking the responsive box on export from Illustrator worked like a charm - cheers!

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