Axe Z with bitzero

Hello, when calibrating xyz with a bitzero on shapeoko xxl, I have a 3mm offset on the same calibration using unique z calibration! example: calibration xyz, z = 28; calibration z, z = 31.
Do you have any idea of the problem? Thank you

Bonjour Jean-Luc,

I’m not sure how the problem you have is manifesting. But the numbers you are reporting seem to be the current position of the spindle after you have performed a BitZero probe.

After probing, the Z zero is set and the Z axis retracts slightly - a fixed distance.

Since the XYZ probe is supposed to be done with the BitZero hanging over the corner, the top of the BitZero is lower. So after that probe, the Z axis retracts a fixed distance and shows it is now 28mm above the surface of the stock.

When the Z probe is done, the BitZero is not supposed to be hanging off the edge, and therefore is taller. So when it retracts the fixed distance after that probe, it is going to be higher than the XZY probe.

I’m not sure I’ve explained that very well - let me know if its confusing or irrelevant :slight_smile:


In French in case it helps too:

Pour le probing en Z uniquement, la sonde doit être placée tout entière sur la surface du matériau, et non placée sur le coin comme pour un probing XYZ. L’écart de 3mm que tu constates correspond vraisemblablement à la hauteur du petit rebord de la sonde.


Thank you for your reactions, indeed the 3mm comes from the rim. But my problem was elsewhere, it was my support which was no longer parallel to the milling tool, and therefore the tool was not touching the workpiece correctly.
Thanks again…


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