Back on the SO3 - Well I am back and I nailed it!

Well you beautiful people, I am back!

COVID is the new normal and so i am starting to get some time back from work. I really have missed you all - I mean this genuinely!!. I have (and i am sure not alone) been to dark places, but i will bring my unique personality back to this group.

Soooo i will start with this, walked up to SO3 turned on, beep meeeehhh buz buz (i love it i was like yeee haaaa here we go) made a little sign for a great friend who have helped through think and thin, in Vcarve. and then i hit a snag.

I was like Scotty in the old StarTrek Movies, pick up the mouse and said “home machine”… nothing “Computer make the SO3 go HOME please”… (Silence) hmm “CNCJS i command you to go home”. “SO3 PLEASE RESPOND!!!”

I am sorry Jon i can’t let you do that… Error with homing cycle. Oh no please talk to me SO3. and she did “ERROR”

So decided that i would wait to the weekend, then whilst shutting down the machines, i was like hmmm wait a min… OMG i forgot that i needed to take the machine out of yip “UNLOCK” mode in CNCJS …

And that ladies and Gents is how a Master Machinist returned to his tools, not knowing how to unlock my SO3… I think this sums it up, i am chuckling as i write this now. F&S easy Materials Pffft 5D Concepts Simples - but oh no unlocking machine, beyond the wit of man LOLOLOL

@Julien are C3D running a course “Been away from the machine for a year and am really rusty workshop” because i sure need it

Speak to you all soon, oh and BTW been away a little while and you go and give me another good reason to give you more money with the SO3 Pro - well done on that, now i am formulating sales pitch to my lovely wife!!



Hey Jon! glad you’re back and (now) ready to make some chips!


Hi Jon,
Great to see you back! I can tell you the Pro is a very nice machine, do not hesitate to upgrade it is well worth it.
I am loving mine!

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Uh, Jon, did you completely miss the “4” announcement? :smiley:

well it would appear that there are things happening here people great things also it would appear i have like 600 posts to catch up on !!


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