Baltic birch feeds ans speeds

I have to cut a ton of parts out of 3/4 baltic birch

need input on the following… trying to use 1/8 end mill due to small corner radii

feeds speeds
depth of cut
mfg/ of end mill



I have cut a lot of Baltic birch and have found variations in nearly all the material. Most of the material cut very good but you can get material that will just splinter, shred and do crazy things. A lot depends on the quality of the material. I have used up cut bits and down cut bits and get mixed results sometimes… If you have both up and down cut bits I would suggest doing test cuts on samples with different feeds and see what happens and which one performs the best for you.

A 1/8" bit in 3/4 material will build up some chips in the cut area when you use a down cut bit so watch how it is cutting and you can reduce the feed while cutting until you get a good cut, the same goes if you do not have issues you can increase the feed. I usually do a depth of .060 and a feed of 40 with a down cut bit make sure you 1/8" bit has a 3/4 length of cut to help with chips.
Test it before you cut your project.


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Consider cutting the parts using a 1/4" endmill (for speed and strength of bit). Then in your CAD program, remove the bulk of the vectors, leaving the fine corners, and re-run those corners with the 1/8" endmill. Regular speeds and feeds for the bits as recommended in CC.



I also forgot about this…I use a Yonico 3/16 down cut bit that works really well and may work in your small radius cuts.


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