Base cabinet for SO3 XXL

I received my xxl expansion kit last night. I would really like to build a base cabinet to set it on. Has anyone has put together a mobile base cabinet similar to this rendering I found online? I could only find a rendering - no details.

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I built the table from The Wood Whisper for my XXL and love it.


Hi, I can provide any details, including a link to the Sketchup model, if you like since…it’s mine. I designed and built it specifically for the XXL and it works really well for me. The top of the platform is a torsion box and very stable. If you’re going to make a top for it like mine, you’ll have to mount the control box somewhere other than the side or change the overall dimensions. On the finished version, I removed the caster wheels because it was getting to be too tall and uncomfortable to reach deep into. If I could change anything, I’d lower the table by maybe 4 inches so I could keep the casters and I’d have made the enclosure top that much taller to make opening the door and reaching deeper in easier. I’m happy to help any way I can!

Here’s a link to the build album of the enclosure:

and here’s the Sketchup model:

P.S. just curious, where’d you find the picture?


Jeremy thanks for all the info and your willingness to help!

Here’s where I found the photos (I came across them in a google image search):