Batman "Calendar"

A Batman, V carving I designed, back in October, 2017.
It was carved .06" deep with a 60 degree bit, on the Shapeoko XXL, and took 3-1/2 hrs. It’s 16" across.
It was designed in Aspire 8.5 and Inkscape.
I drew the symmetrical outlines of the circles, and boxes first, since that could be done using the copy, mirror, or array functions, and then added the pictures next, cutting and rejoining the vectors as necessary.
The pics were vectorized with inkscape using this technique-

I V carved the Star Wars calendar too.
These are the computer sims of what they should look like after carving-

Here’s the results after carving, and painting-
Attached is the .DXF file.
Batman (2.2 MB)


No way! These are awesome.

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My grandson’s favorite superhero. Now I need to do something similar… great job. Jude

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