Bauer Cyclone Separator HF

I saw this video on youtube about the Bauer Cyclone Separator. I think the cyclone separators are the way to go with any single stage dust collection. The Cyclone Separator turns your system into a two stage dust extractor. The Cyclone Separator keeps your shop vacuum filter cleaner and keeps your CFM at maximum. I have a larger dust collection, Jet DC1100, and I have an Onieda 5" cyclone with a large collection bin. As long as I dont let the bin get over half full it works great. When the bin gets over half full dust is sucked up and into my Jet and the fine dust reduces the cfm. When I see dust in the clear collection bag I know I need to empty the cyclonic dust bin. The reason I posted this the price is quite low and makes any small dust collection system more efficient. If cost is stopping you from upgrading your dust collection system you have no more excuses. I like the Onieda products but they are quite pricey compared to other cyclone products.

They sell the Bauer products at Harbor Freight here in the US not sure if they are international.


I use the one from Lowe’s
Works fine for me except I need to set up a hose to my router, I currently just clean as I go so the Lowe’s bucket keeps falling over, easy fix
Since using it there is minimal dust on the shop vac filter

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I happen to use a Dust Deputy and it does the job for me.

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