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Anyone using the Beaver Easy Tram? looking for reviews

Hi @moakley8

I am a new owner after i was having problems with my Z axis (stock) and i must say that i found it so much easier to tram and was able to get to within thous of accuracy with the tram system and my ProTram double gauge. you get around 2mm of travel seesaw. so for me the hdz + tram has sped that whole process up allot and less stressful IMHO.


Point of order (the stock Z is fine and functional i think i just didn’t “get it” plus to be honest it was also a " i can afford and upgrade so why not" :slight_smile: - just dont want people to think that i am not happy with the stock i was it worked fine when i got it set up correctly.

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I have it (bought it as part of my HDZ upgrade) and :
The left/right tramming could not be simpler, and most of all you can redo it as often as needed in 5 minutes, whereas manual shimming (my previous solution) takes forever to get right.

My only grudge would be that the front/back tramming still needs to be done by shimming. But a three axis tramming system would be more complex/expensive so that’s a good compromise.


I got the Beaver CNC EasyTram as soon as it came out, and I am absolutely pleased as punch. It makes tramming trivially easy. I just rebuilt my machine by swapping the Y plates (putting the motors in front of the gantry extrusion to move the usable space about 60mm +Y) and reworking the baseboard under my wasteboards-and-tracks setup, and the longest part of tramming was just taking my Suckit arms off to get easy access to the eccentrics.

I did customize my Suckit mounting, originally just by adding a couple extra 10mm spacers between the black mount arms and the Z limit switch plate. That got me the necessary clearance between the Suckit sliders on the back of the arms and the face of the EasyTram’s moving tramming plate. As part of my recent enhancements, I made custom replacement Suckit mount arms (and two small spacers for the Suckit shoe), so now the Suckit arms are much closer to the plate. If anyone wants the drawings to carve their own, I can certainly post the design.

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Three separate testimonies posted in parallel within 4 minutes probably is a good hint too

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If (when?) you do order an EasyTram, let me put in another two cents to recommend throwing in a pack of Beaver CNC Heavy Duty Eccentric Nuts.

When I ordered my EasyTram back in November, I padded the order with a couple sets of the nuts just to check them out (okay, and to reach a free shipping cutoff, hehe). They turned out to be quite a nice enhancement vs. the Shapeoko’s stock eccentric nuts. If you’re going to be making an order, you may as well treat yourself to a pack of nuts, too. :grin:

(You don’t need them for the EasyTram, of course. They’re just lagniappe.)

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Don’t have mine yet, but it’s on the way. I’ve been putting off trying to go through tramming on the stock z because it’s such a pain with the location of the spindle mount bolts. It’s amazing how much effort it actually requires and it just looks so easy with the easy tram.

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