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I understand that it’s going to support the HDZ. My question is will carbide motion support beaver pro and HDZero?

That doesn’t seem practical without a major change in philosophy as users of those more advanced machines are able to mix and match electronics. They can be built to any size as well.
I’d think that anyone building that level of machine would be beyond the need for something as simplified and restricting as Carbide Motion.


Agree. My post was a poor attempt at trying to get a peek into the future with Luke heading up product development.

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Any chance you’re off for the design files As a paid for free download for beaver pro and hd zero frame kit owners?

From what I’ve seen the "HDZ will be supported by Carbide Motion. Which they seem to be working on. The temp page for HDZ
States its the New Shapeoko HDZ (which hints to full support)

Since the Beaver Pro is no longer available on his website I’m hopefull the HD Frame will be carried over aswell. Just speculation.

Hoping this is the case so I don’t have to build my own. #no-belts

HDZ support has now been added to Carbide 3d. It’s now in Beta and I’m not aware of any issues raised with it :slight_smile:

CM 4.0.417 Beta

We have also setup an Early Bird Link for forum members to buy a HDZ direct. Note we’re still sorting out details like photos and the description and bringing the instructions over.

It can be found here


excellent (click click click)

the instructions used to have a set of GRBL settings that needed to be changed for the HDZ… will CM have some sort of setting/menu thingy that lets you do this in one go? (maybe even go back and forth)

Yes, we’re currently setting a new instructions page.

In short turn on your machine (with newly fitted HDZ) - Connect using CM 4.17 onwards - DO NOT HOME - go to settings. Click Enable HDZ along with your machine. Click send config data.

You only need to do this once.

From there you can then start milling!


Can i reinstall my limit switch where is suppose to go on the HDZ

Get in touch with support and we’ll get it worked out for you.

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How do i get in contact with support

Please e-mail us at

Got the early order… if there’s (early) beta instructions that are screaming for someone to test them let me know :wink: (otherwise I’ll figure it out using MrBeaver’s writeups/videos)

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mostly (but not entirely) through the assembly, few things the instructions should be edited for:

  • the bottom vwheel assembly, the nuts are on the other side of the plate; it’s a bit of a wiggle, and the document does not say this… easy edit to avoid confusion
  • the plate for the Z axis limit switches is not in the picture of the document.
  • for the Z-limit switch , the doc says “using your existing hardware” but the screw of the original hardware is not the right screw. The package has a replacement screw included that is shorter and that one does fit.
  • the document does not say when you need to put the X belt back through the pulleys over the motor… doing it at the end is not a gret place to do it (had to disassemble one of the pulleys and wiggle it through)

pictures of the assembly that would have helped me assemble easier


so to round up this thing; I got it all to work and it all just worked first time.

I also learned a new hard lesson; the test cut I did had a mistake in it (it cut 0.4 inch deep instead of 0.04 inch; either human error or the 414 carbide create ignoring depth per pass or something) and in the past, such mistakes meant I would have to rebuild the Z carriage and retighten all of its internals and then put it back on the machine.

the HDZ is so much more robust that it is no longer the Z carriage that gives, but the X belts gives and need to redone.

Are the suckit ears available yet?

Hey Luke, this may be something to which you can’t answer, but in regards to pricing on the Beaver HDZ, I know you had shipping costs in there that accounted for ultra-fast, teleportation-style shipping to the US. If Carbide3D decides to make them in house in the US, will the price be reduced to account for perhaps a lower shipping cost within the US or is the price-to-performance ratio appropriate enough to account for not changing the price?

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Wow you go right in the deep end with this one. It’s not something that is super easy to answer as there are many factors.

First off the HDZ sells for $450 which is typically about what it originally sold for. There is fluctuations and this is down to exchange rate.

2nd we don’t have free shipping at C3d, and whilst we did at Beaver it was a massive cost to us, we also charged a remote destination fee for those off the UPS grid. Whilst distribution costs are lower at C3d actual production costs rise by being in the US.

In short if you buy one now it’s going to be be $450 + shipping which starts from about $10. This is very similar to the cost when on Beaver CNC.