Beaver Zero3 probe...The Best

I certainly hope Luke’s Zero3 Probe will make it into the Carbide 3D shop.

I recently purchased one and all I can say is, those that do not have one don’t know what they are missing.

@Luke probe hooked up with @neilferreri macros made me, um, much less stupid. Haha.

The hole probe (ahem) is a treat, as my Brit mates like to say. It doesn’t care if the end mill is teeny tiny or mega big, if it will fit in the hole the zero datum is guaranteed. And then, for backup, we have the corner probe, also cutter diameter independent.

Hold on, photo op.
Hawk touched down on the fence, looking for doves that have been hanging around.

Um, where was I? Anyway, I have a Carbide 3D Probe for sale, $50.


You were about to paste in your selection of probing macros, especially for hole probing.

Well, obviously that was it, right? :grin:

Clearly. Us old guys are easily distracted.

@Luke kindly includes those macros in his web store. Authored by the estimable Sir @neilferreri.


Would that be the Free G Code Probing Calculator item, perhaps?

I should’ve noticed that when heading over there for the Zero 3, but I suppose I may also be easily distracted. :sweat_smile: (In my defense, the Zero 3 is shiny!)

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Nothing more to say, have a nice life.

Griff- are you talking about the limited edition one?

I have a question about it.

The main different between this probe and the Zero2 is that it’s a fully isolated and active eith magnetic ground for your spindle. There is also a LED indicator on the top.

Does that mean you don’t have to aligatpr clip a ground wire to your end mill each time you probe?

Yes sir, stick the magnet to the collet or mill.

The thing that happily surprised me was that there was just one cable from the controller to the probe, with the magnetic ground pigtailing off the probe block. With separate probe and ground wires, I somehow seem to wind them up around each other over time no matter how I think I’m going to avoid that. Having just one should solve that problem. :wink:

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