Beer Taps - Part 2

Here is another batch of Beer Taps for VBC.

I changed the way I make them. Before I was V-carving and then painting them. I switched to V-carving and them lasering the area that was V-carved. It’s easier for me and accuracy went up 100%. It looks painted with no paint at all. The Laser is a 4.2W and the settings for this burn were 50% power @ 700mm/minute.


They look great @wb9tpg, I’ll have to revisit the additional of a laser with this inspiration!
Are you rounding the edges on the Shapeoko or after with sanding?

Did you struggle to have perfect alignment between the V-bit job and the laser job?
Also, how many beer taps can VBC possibly need that you have developed an optimized industrial process to make them ? :smiley:

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I’m beginning to think they are supplying Luke’s beer. Actually they distribute their beer to multiple other places.

A have a spindle mounted laser that theoretically aligns perfectly with the spindle. That said mine was out 0.8mm in one direction. I called JTech and talked to J himself and he is designing a test to verify alignment and send me a replacement. I’m still waiting on it to arrive. Through creative use of G54 thru G57 I’m surviving LOL