Before Investing in CC Pro

I notice that CC Pro is now officially for sale.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but before investing 120/yr or 360 - I’d really like to understand the commitment CC is making to fixing the problems it has with these features and in developing the software further:

First, some basic product questions:

  1. Is CC Pro going to have a fork for fixes that are not upgrades? In other words, if someone buys the perpetual license but doesn’t buy the upgrade package, are they still entitled to bug fixes within the product set that they have? How will that be managed?
  2. Is CC Pro going to have a product roadmap, to let us know what the investment is going to yield and when? $120/yr for “upgrades” seems steep - when you don’t know what you’re getting. I assume this is not a cost of bug fixes (which shouldn’t cost anything), so what type of new features are we to expect?

And some “fixes” questions that remain outstanding since the Beta testing:

  1. Once you go to the model tab and execute some modeling, the shadows that reflect the model continue to appear when you go back to the Design mode. This makes the design view harder to see. It does not make sense and is inconsistent to the behavior of the toolpaths. Can we get rid of this artifact?
  2. Once a modeling component is marked DONE, you can no longer access any of the parameters used to create the component. You can’t even tell what they were, in case you want to re enter them with a slight change. Provide the capability of editing the components - as you can with any other component or toolpath in the product. I had even asked for a compromise: CC Pro - Compromise: Display the Shape Parameters on the components list but never heard anything positive or negative about the idea
  3. There is no documentation for the purpose, meaning, or interaction of any of the parameters such as Scale Height, Limit Height, Max, Min, etc. The only way to learn what these do is by trial and error - which is further complicated by #2 above. Is there any planned documentation for the Pro version, besides Winton’s videos - which are informative, but not the equivalent of product manuals or inline help facilities?
  4. The dialog for Modeling does not operate the same way as the dialog for Toolpaths, which operates differently than the new dialog for Layers. Is CC going to standardize behavior of it’s screens - making usability easy and consistent? For example, Drag Drop, Grouping, Right click, Call to Action location, Help buttons, mouseovers, etc.?

I’m looking forward to the answers to these questions, so I can invest in the CC Pro version!

  • Gary

Excellent points Gary. I would add being able to edit more than one entity simultaneously. That is… design a vector and then import a second vector onto the same sheet. A display of parameter values at all times and the wherewithal to change them without losing any previous work.

Yes @jepho but I’m trying to limit my comments to CC Pro only. I would like to see a whole HOST of improvements to the general product and have been feeding those to the product suggestions category, including being able to edit multiple documents, run concurrent instances of CC, cut and paste objects between instances, etc…

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Understood. I was referring to a product that has to be paid for. I did not mean to cause confusion.

EDIT to add: Perhaps interested parties would be interested generating a shopping list of desirable/practical features that could be expected in any product carrying the ‘Pro’ label. Naming the CC package ‘CC Pro’ without having it provide industry standard pro features would be a bitter pill to swallow.

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@jepho Well…you actually bring up an interesting point: If the feature that is being added to the product is general in nature, having nothing to do with Modeling - like the one you’re suggesting: Multiple concurrent instances, copy/paste between instances, multiple projects open concurrently - are they going to make those available in the general product, or are they pushing more and more features into the pro version - eventually obsoleting the free version?

Again, this is a question of intent…one that gets serious when the software starts to cost money.

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I am in complete agreement with you, Gary. I was attempting to expose the issue I see from the underneath. If the standard free package does not function that well… because it is free or alternatively it provides the current functionality but only in its present state, which I have come to regard as a little chaotic, I would have difficulty understanding what improvements one could expect in the pro product, where it is founded on the current codebase.

Charging money for a product places the creator under an obligation to the customer. I would have the concern that if CC standard were the code that was changed into CC Pro (with a few additional features pertinent to modelling and production) I have some misgivings and doubts that the code as is can be shaken down and changed sufficiently to charge for it. Legacy code does not tend to play well with future developments. It is plain to see that legacy code brings a reluctance to develop the software ( this often manifests as the overt inhibition of development) in programs that have been around for a long time.

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You can already do that in Windows 10, by clicking the program icon again:

You can also run multiple instances of CM, but I don’t see any benefit. Unless you’re running two machines, maybe?

(I found this out by accident)

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@NewToThis Thanks for that. The key use would be copying parts of one design into another…so running multiple instances is really only the starting point. I would want to copy a set of selected objects (or, thinking currently, a layer!) and paste it into another design. In today’s world, you have to start a second project as an entire copy of the first … and then remove what you don’t want.

Anyway, I don’t want to get distracted from the purpose of this particular discussion. What are the key pivot points to deciding to buy Pro? My post above states my thoughts about as well as I can at this point.


  • Gary

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be going for Pro, after the free period ends. I’ll either stay with Std or move over to VCarve - especially as Vectric are already hinting at version 11👍

@robgrz Would you please provide to stop showing the expiration message each time CC starts up? Maybe a checkbox that says, “Do not show this message again”?.. or only show it once. It’s important to see once…but not every time.

Also - I am unable to open any project that used modeling that I created in the past. Other projects do open, if they don’t have modeling in them (and the modeling tab is appropriately removed), but I am able to continue to work with them…is there a way to allow me to gain access to the design elements and toolpaths that I created so I can rework the designs without modeling and without having to start over?

I believe that you can go into the trial mode, delete all the 3D models, then resave.

If that doesn’t work, send the file in to

To get back out of the 3D license, do About | Carbide Create | Open Data Directory, then delete the .ini and license text file.

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You can start the trial an unlimited number of times? No. Yes?

The demo mode in the program shouldn’t have a limit/count — just turn on/off as desired.

I am brand new here- in fact, this is my very first post!

Is there a software that people here find preferable to Carbide Create? I have a copy of V-carve Desktop that is supposed to be a good option.

Are there any other programs used by others here that are preferable to Carbide Motion? I purchased a copy of Mach3 for use with another CNC, but it is not supported for use with the Shapeoko 4 XXL that we are currently assembling.

Thanks for any recommendations or other suggestions.

This is useful pointS, I think it’s mostly with MAC ! But it’s good conversation to understand what you did try and we take the point as program check list before start same process if need :+1:t3:

For me the price is less than some bits price and we break many😄 , I always agree that we support what we like
This budget is good enough and cheaper than any such program in the market as well as I used it for free since it’s relaunched so it’s time for me to pay back to them ,

It’s just my opinion

But yes and yes you go through all of some points I seen before with my Mac that’s why now I used Boot Camp and installed windows to find more comfortable use for the program


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