Beginner in Meshcam


I have some questions,

1. I want to add V Bits to MeshCam tools but couldn’t figure out how :frowning:
These are my bits:
It’s just shows the Ball and Endmill

2. How can I flatten a wrong designed seal, like this picture. in Meshcam.


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

@WillAdams thank you for your reply, I have no background in cnc not so over! Is there a video or tutorial you know that will help me with that?

I used those exact tools in my work.

Overall length: 50mm
Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Flute Diameter: .5mm
Flute length: 12mm
Taper angle: 15 if it cuts too deep, try 7.5 (meshcam is funky about that sometimes)
Spindle speed: 9,500
Feed Rate: 300mm
Plunge Rate: 100mm
Stepover: .2 mm
Depth per pass: .25 mm

please note these numbers are for yellow brass.
For the end mill type, just use the square end mill.


Apparently I was mistaken per @JamesC’s correction.

Use his numbers and check in at: and

Winston Moy does great videos and has at least one on MeshCAM:

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@JamesC thank you that’s very helpful, going to try it.

@WillAdams I like his Chanel, thank you for the recommendation.