Beginner vector question

Howdy. I’ve only had about a month or so since my semester ended to dive into the nomad and I am thoroughly impressed. Just to get my feet wet I have been designing pendants in a vector graphics software called infinite design that can export as svg. I love this way of working but I just can’t for the life of me figure out why certain designs work great and others fail completely in meshcam. I realize this is a vague question but am mostly curious if anyone is aware of a program other than illustrator that I can look at the svg and edit the path. Honestly any advice on a direction of research would be stellar. Thanks!

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Inkscape is pretty much the reference application for SVG — there’s a bit on it and CNC options on the wiki:

There’s also a bit on learning Bézier drawing on the CAD page I think it is.

Big things are:

  • look at the paths in outline view
  • check for stacked / duplicated / overlapping paths

I think you’ll find that Carbide Create has some interesting options for importing and doing CAM on an SVG .

You might want to look into Affinity Designer.

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I would suggest opening the file in Carbide Create - for 2.3D designs it really is excellent.

Thank you guys so much! This has been incredibly helpful. I’ll post some pictures once I’m happy with some pieces.

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