Benefits of the 220V HDM Spindle

In looking through some replies from Luke and Winston on the HDM, it sounds perhaps like the 220V Spindle won’t really make the machine more capable, even with the higher wattage.

Am I understanding that correctly or?

Will the 220V come with a plug on the cord? Do we know what that plug will be yet?

Also, if original order was placed for 220V Spindle, is there an possibility of changing it to 110V before shipping if desired?

Lastly, will Carbide be selling the spindles separately if someone wants to change later? I know there are a lot of 80mm spindle options, but just was curious, in case someone wanted make a change, and still have an “officially supported” spindle.

I understand this more an inquiry for support, but figured I’d see if they’ll answer it here so that others can hopefully know as well if they need the info.



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Hi Bradley

The 220v spindle does have a little extra umph, there is an extra 0.7kw worth of power.

The power cord is a L6-20r for the 220v

If you want to change the order I’m sure we can - email into asap.

It would be possible to change the spindle at a later date but it would mean changing both the VFD and the spindle.



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