Best place to get acrylic

I would like to try an edge lit sign project. Where is the best online place to get acrylic? I looked at my local Big Box Store and they only had 3/32" I would like 1/4"

I get mine at Inventables. They stock cast acrylic, which is somewhat rare, but it’s the best kind to use for CNC. They have hundreds of colors and thicknesses. They also have a lot of specialty acrylics, as well as other plastics.

We do have some colours in stock on 4"x5":

6mm is actually 5.5 (or was on my last project)

I use TAP plastics. They’re not terribly price-competitive, but they’re local to me (instant gratification) and stock just about everything I could care to look for.

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And if you are flexible with size, and they sell it, you can get off cuts for cheap. I have been getting pieces for $1.70/lb at my local Tap Plastic. It’s about 25% of the price for Starboard and about 35% for cast acrylic.

I get mine at


Oh yeah the TAP Plastics off cut bin is great. It’s usually full of a bunch of extruded acrylic junk, but I’ve found some really nice pieces of cast acrylic, HDPE, and Sintra for dirt cheap. It’s a great way to get a bunch of material without spending a lot.

And while I wouldn’t count on it if you’re on a tight budget, if you “forget” how much the stuff weighs, more often than not the cashier will just make a really low-ball guess rather than walking over to weigh it by hand.

Believe it or not one of the best, and I mean best prices I have seen for varying sizes of cast acrylic that is clear is eBay.

For colored acrylic that doesnt have to be any bigger than 1/8" thick I use

The best place is going to your local shop if there is one and buy the scrap. It usually have a large collection. Up to 16" x 24" or larger and varies thickness. Only $1 a pound.

Check out Delvies plastics, Trotec actually has alot of acrylic that I like to use.

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