Best Price Cost Effective......Bits

Kinda think there should be a New category on the forum titled “Router Bit Deals” or something to the effect; just sayin…

So my quest today does anyone care to share their best cost effective source for “bits”? I’m not prideful about on-shore, off-shore, off-planet or other. A pal of mine parked his Shapeoko with me temporarily and I’m starting to make chips and dust. Appreciate the tip, hope to return the favor…

There’s the Essentials bits which are a pretty solid deal:

Bonus is that there are speeds/feeds already programmed in for carbide create.

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Drillman1 on Ebay is a perennial favorite:

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Also Skyone CNC

SPETools on Amazon are reasonable for the cost too.

I like these guys

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The C3D bits are competitive and the plus is they are already in the database of CC. Amazon and Ebay have a bunch of cheap Chinese junk that wont last until the water gets hot. So stay with a reputable source and known brands. I have bought some bits on and they usually have a 10-15-20% offer if you sign up for their advertising emails. You can always unsubscribe or put them in spam if you really dont want their email. But get the percent off first.

I’ve got a similar list as most have been mention, but here is what I use.

2L Inc is my go to for my single flute aluminum end/ball mills. They also seem to have a nice selection of spotting drills, I just haven’t ordered those yet.

Carbide Tool Source is where I get my threadmills, good selection and decent price for an otherwise pricey mill.

Lakeshore Carbide has has really nice helical chamfer mills.

Drillman1 on ebay always has a good selection of everything it seems and fair prices. I get most of my downcut endmills and some special long reach mills from here.

Don’t forget to check ebay in general for deals, now and then you might find someone selling unused mills for a discount because, I assume, their shop didnt need them and they are trying to recoup some of those costs.

I’ve also used He sells CNC bits of all types. He offers new, resharpened, and slightly used bits at good prices. The used bits are those that come from shops that do mil-spec work, which specifies how much a bit can be used before it needs to be replaced and there is PLENTY of life left in them. In a previous CNC machine I had, all my bits came from this site and I never regretted any of them.

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