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What is the best kind of computer to run the software that comes with the Sapheoko CNC? Ours is shipping and will be here next week. We need to buy a computer to run it. We just want to know if there is one better then the other Mac vs PC. Do we need a heavy duty graphics card?

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you don’t need super heavy duty graphics, but at the same time, the super low end is a bit painful. If you end up with somewhat complicated designs, having a bit of vrooom in the CPU for toolpath calculation is nice.

What I got was a NUC (*) with a Core i5 level CPU/GPU and that has been more than plenty, while not being extremely $$. You can also go laptop and there I’d say make sure you have more than 4Gb of memory but otherwise it’ll all work fine.

(*) Disclaimer: I work at Intel and even for personal compute stuff I often end up at Intel-ish products as a result of that bias

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I have been running my SO3 with a Windows 7, Intel i3 laptop with I think 6gb RAM I bought like, 10 years ago. I just updated it to Win10 for free using the original Win7 product key. It still runs the SO3 just fine.

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For connecting to the machine in the shop, I think a fanless (sealed) tablet makes a lot of sense — just be sure to get one which has power when USB is connected to the machine.

Our system requirements are up at:

For a tablet, I find one with an active stylus makes navigating dialog boxes easier, and is nice for drawing and so forth (unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t accept pinch/zoom gestures on screen).

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