Best Way to Acquire Harvey End Mills?

I don’t currently own any Harvey end mills so I decided to buy one for a special need (lazy hole drilling using pockets). Say something like this: Miniature End Mills - Square - Long Flute

Ironically they are not far from my house but of course they have no storefront. They list a number of local distributors but looking at their site(s) is unclear if they carry more than a random selection of pieces (its Saturday…no industrial place is open to call). The online source that comes up on Google is selling the bits for well above the list price plus shipping.

Can anybody recommend either an online source or a reliable distributor that can order me a specific unit and not rip me off?


I was able to use Harvey’s find a distributor page to find a local shop which allows me to drop of a check with an order, then pick it up later that week — is there no similar small, friendly shop near you?

I’d suggest giving them a call when they’re open, they may have a solution for you if you ask nicely.

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Yes I will call them on Monday but I was kind of hoping for hints because there is at least a handful of options (depending on how far you want to drive).

They often appear to be a local branch of larger companies and I was hoping to hear which ones were willing to deal with a lowly hobbyist and charge reasonable prices.

Some of the ones coming up are:

  • Blackhawk Industrial
  • Carbide Plus
  • MSC

There are also some smaller local outfits (at least they appear to be) so I am guessing I should try them first?

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MSC will work with anyone - I’ve used them for all sorts of things before. They do tend to run a little expensive with shipping…you get things right quick though!

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Lucked out on my first call. These guys order directly from Harvey and you can go pick it up at the factory (which you know I have to do) or have it mailed to your door:

[](http://Industrial Tool Supply)

Charged me list. No shipping. Not sure what their shipping charges are.


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