Beta 7 making Gcode for Motion?

Did i screw up and buy a machine that the manufacturer decide to bait and switch on me with software? Using Beta 7 and no way to create Gcode to cute files in motion unless i upgrade my Create to pro? If this is the case i will do my first youtube live burning my machine.
Main reason i chose Shapeoko was the software. If i have to get suckered i to $120 a year to use it I personally feel it is a brick now.

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V7 saves the toolpaths in the C2D files that can be loaded directly into Carbide Motion, without using an intermediate file.

We’ve also set up a page where you can drop a C2D file to extract the G-code if you need that ( Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7 ) , or you can extract the G-code from Carbide Motion.

If you like the existing workflow and don’t like V7, V6 will continue to be available from Carbide 3D . It’s not cloud-based so there will be no change to V6.


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